What we can learn when we step off the roads laid out for us

I used to walk because I had somewhere to be. Backwards and forwards, I trudged the same path from the car park to the office. I dashed into supermarkets, following arrows to milk aisles. I jogged…

Photo by Oscar Fickel on Unsplash

I won’t go into detail of why we moved from a first floor Manchester flat to a bungalow in the Yorkshire suburbs last summer, for the simple reason that I’m bored of hearing about all of the lifestyle changes everybody made during the pandemic, and I’m sick of talking about…

Motivation, where are you?

West Yorkshire in the Snow. Photo by Rebecca Ramshaw

Last week I went for my first run since Christmas. And it was horrific. The kind of run that hurts from the moment you set off. I couldn’t breathe, I was in agony with tendonitis pain in my ankle, and I was pretty sure I was going to throw up.

How you can enjoy the great outdoors whilst protecting it for the future

Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash

When I first got into running and hiking, I developed a bit of a shopping addiction. I was enthusiastic about my new hobby and excited to try new clothing and equipment, so I found myself shopping often and buying cheap. …

And how to not let all those extra safety precautions ruin your run.

Photo by Fil Mazzarino on Unsplash

When I first started running regularly, a fellow female runner told me I should ‘dress like a man’ in order to stay safe. It shocked me. This was a woman who had bright pink and blue hair, facial piercings and tattoos, and a very fierce belief that people should dress…

My Garmin knew I was sick, but how accurate was it?

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

I might never know if I had Coronavirus earlier this year, but I do know that my Garmin knew that there was something wrong with me.

And after doing a little digging, I discovered that I wasn’t alone.

Not only are people reporting that their fitness watches are recording erratic…

Photo by Chris Gonzalez from Burst

Here in the UK and likely across the world too, it’s been great to see that so many people have started up a new running routine whilst they’ve been locked down. …

Photo by Scott Webb from Burst

If the latest COVID guidelines have ruined your wedding guest list, chances are you’re now looking at either downsizing your big day or completely postponing it — but all doesn’t have to be lost. My husband and I eloped last year, just before the pandemic hit (phew!), and we did…

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Just after our lockdown restrictions were eased, I hit the trails after a three month hiatus from running, not expecting anything spectacular. …

Rebecca Ramshaw

I’m a trail runner and hiker living in West Yorkshire, UK. I love to write about running, health and life post-30.

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